Bob Peterhans


Bob is the CEO of Operativ is a passionate leader in the medical device industry. With over 25 years of experience in international healthcare, Bob drives his teams with loyalty and a commitment to outstanding results. With an MBA, an MS in Biomedical Engineering and a BS in Electrical Engineering, Bob has gone on to implement powerful strategic business solutions for a broad range of global organizations in the industry. Bob finds inspiration in being able to make a difference in people’s lives, and when he’s not working he enjoys traveling with his family and working on home improvement projects.

Jeff Stepanian


Jeff has a B.S. in Biology from Pacific Lutheran University and graduated with Honors in Physician Assistant Studies from Quinnipiac University. He is a Board Certified P.A., is extensively published, and is recognized for his expertise in MIS and computer navigation surgical techniques and patient care. He has hands-on experience in hip and knee replacement surgery and is recognized for his work in cadaver-based surgeon education. He has help train over 300 surgeons in the last 18 years in advanced surgical techniques. He is a founding father and Chief Operations Officer at Operativ, and a consultant for the SwiftPath Program. Away from work, Jeff loves spending time with his wonderful wife and two kids. They enjoy hiking in the mountains, mountain biking, skiing anywhere possible and family movie night.

Gene Barrow

Quality Assurance Manager

Gene is a Renaissance man when it comes to designing, developing, programming and perfecting all things mechanical. As Operativ’s Quality Assurance manager, Gene is responsible for ensuring Operativ products meet their stringent quality standards, inspecting and testing to insure safety and, and developing and maintaining the inspection programs and procedures that ensure consistent excellence. He stays on top of technical advances to help keep Operativ at the cutting edge of producing surgeon- designed and lab- tested instruments that simplify minimally invasive surgical techniques. Gene’s hobby is designing and building street rods and enjoying outdoor activities, from soccer and snowboarding to biking and volleyball.

Dina Love

Admin Assistant

Dina has a track record of successfully managing complex projects and getting them done ahead of schedule and under budget. Her project management background spans over 17 years, and includes high tech projects for Boeing and Sprint, with responsibility for regional oversight of budgets and teams. She is a pro at managing any project, from running an office or installing communication infrastructure, to helping cancer patients connect with the right therapist for them. Dina also lend her expertise to the administrative team wherever needed. As a physically active person, mother of an athlete and a cancer survivor who has experienced the benefits of advanced, minimally invasive techniques, she recognizes a leap forward when she sees one.

Karen Gauger

Office Manager

Karen is responsible for Operativ’s inventory, shipping, receiving and financials. She has worked in banking the last 26 years while managing various operational workflows, such as branch reconciliation and general ledgers. In addition, she successfully organized, implemented and directly managed the bank processes of Business Online Banking and Legal Operations Karen She attended Western Washington University with a concentration in business. She is a team player, organized and dedicated to accomplishing the task at hand. Karen spends free time with her husband and two grown daughters. She enjoys playing soccer, water-skiing and reading.

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