Dr. Norling, Surgeon
"The iKnee Universal Instrument System gives surgeons the flexibility to put in any implant they want for their patients, but the surgical staff retains the familiarity with the basic instruments. This helps to decrease the learning curve for the surgical staff and build in efficiencies because there are fewer instruments to clean and inventory."
Dr. Stickney, Surgeon
"I like the cutting guide shims and the modular captures. The iKnee Tibial Instrument gives me the opportunity to make more decision on how I cut the tibia. It allows me to make a better tibial cut."
Dr. Tucker, Surgeon
"Your iKnee Universal Tibial Guide is a significant improvement over the tibial guide I am currently using. I really like all the features you have built in."
Dr. Vermillion, Surgeon
"The instruments are ergonomic, easy to use, and well designed. Your tibia guide is the Roll Royce of tibia guides!"
Dr. Roux, Surgeon
"I really enjoy the Operativ instruments. They are intuitive, well weighted and efficient to use in surgery. The well thought-out instruments allow surgeons to make quick adjustments during surgery. This makes surgery faster, reducing operating and anesthesia time. Overall I feel that the quality and efficiency of these instruments will help surgeons achieve excellent outcomes. The Operativ fixation pins for surgical cutting blocks are also outstanding!
Vicki Cale, Customer | Proliance Eastside Surgery Center
"I wanted to say thank you Operativ for being such a remarkable company. You always go above and beyond with your products and your amazing customer service."
Jay Krottinger, Customer | IQ Surgical
"Amazing!! Omg thank you for making that happen. You certainly went above and beyond for this. Appreciate your attention to the service details for this."
Dr. Dawson, Surgeon
"I have been trained in the Operativ MIS iKnee Surgical Method using the iKnee Universal Instrument System. I have built efficiencies in the OR which have decreased my surgical times and have seen a significant improvement in my patients outcomes all from learning these techniques and utilization of these instruments."
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