Precision Pins

3.2mm x 120mm non-sterile • Part No. 000603-02

Precision Pins have specific features that help eliminate much of the error inherent in traditional surgical methods.*

  • Sharp tips act as a starter awl and prevent skiving
  • Threaded pins compress and retain bone and leave a smaller hole
  • Threaded pins require one cortex and reduce the risk of fracture
  • Pins can be accurately replaced for “re-cuts”
  • Threaded pins improve the stability of cutting blocks

*Threaded pins improve accuracy of bone cuts during navigated or non-navigated surgeries

Order Information

Are the pins for single use?

The pins are designed for single use only. It is very difficult to remove 100% of the bioburden within the threads or flutes of the pins. The straightness and integrity of the pin cannot be guaranteed beyond a single use.

Can the pins be reprocessed?

Reprocessing and reusing single-use devices (SUDs) can save costs and reduce medical waste. Before medical devices can be reprocessed and reused, a third-party or hospital reprocessing department must comply with the same requirements that apply to original equipment manufacturers, including:

  • Submitting documents for premarket notification or approval.
  • Registering reprocessing firms and listing all products.
  • Submitting adverse event reports.
  • Tracking devices whose failure could have serious outcomes.
  • Correcting or removing from the market unsafe devices.
  • Meeting manufacturing and labeling requirements.

How are the Precision Pins different from other pins?

The Precision Smart Pin is a giant step forward to improve accuracy in total knee arthroplasties, whether you are using Computer Navigation or traditional methods. The trocar tip design allows the Precision Pin to engage sclerotic or uneven bone without skiving. The thread count and pitch of the Precision Pin are designed specifically to allow smooth effortless insertion into the bone. The thread design of the Precision Pin does not require you to engage the second cortex, thus decreasing the risk of stress risers and fracture. The Precision Pin leaves a smaller hole than a similar sized traditional drill bit and compresses bone rather than evacuates bone to further reduce the risk of fracture.*

*White paper available per request

What material are the pins made of?

All the Operativ pins are manufactured with 316L, F138 standard surgical implant grade stainless steel.

Can I order Sterile and/or Non-sterile pins?

Yes, Operativ offers both sterile and non-sterile pins. Please refer to our product page

Can I use a credit card for purchase?

Yes. Contact Operativ at (425) 284-7262 or email at to get started.

What kind of shipping is available?

Operativ can ship Ground or Express at the direction of the recipient. There is a $10 handling fee that is applied to your Invoice. If using your account, Operativ will obtain the account number and use this number when creating the shipping label. If using our account, there is a minimum $25 charge or the actual amount of shipping cost, whichever is greater.

**Please note when shipping Batteries Express there is an additional $49.00 fee from the Carrier on top of regular shipping charges.

Non-Sterile Pins User Manual
Operativ Pin User Manual - Non-Sterile Products
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