Saw Blades

11MM x 80MM x 0.76MM Reciprocating Blade ConMed Hub • Part No. 011300-81

Operativ’s sawblades are designed with a saw tooth design to optimized bone cutting and minimize soft tissue trauma.

Order Information

Can I use a credit card for purchase?

Yes. Contact Operativ at (425) 284-7262 or email at to get started.

What kind of shipping is available?

Operativ can ship Ground or Express at the direction of the recipient. There is a $10 handling fee that is applied to your Invoice. If using your account, Operativ will obtain the account number and use this number when creating the shipping label. If using our account, there is a minimum $25 charge or the actual amount of shipping cost, whichever is greater.

**Please note when shipping Batteries Express there is an additional $49.00 fee from the Carrier on top of regular shipping charges.

Saw Blade User Manual
Saw Blade IFU
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