One box contains (5) individual pouches.  The pouch contains (2) sealed tubes with one pin in each tube.The tubes are sealed in an inner and outer Tyvek/Poly pouch.   

The Universal pins are sterilized utilizing gamma sterilization. Gamma rays are similar to an x-ray and are a form of electromagnetic radiation. They go above and beyond an x-ray by delivering higher energy, which can pass through substances like plastic to kill bacteria. Gamma rays are able to destroy bacteria by fracturing bacteria DNA covalent bonds. Sterilization occurs on a molecular level as the radiation disrupts pathogens that cause contamination and renders them unable to reproduce. 

UNIVERSAL PINS - Implant Grade | High Quality | Competitive Pricing 

Our professional line of Universal pins can be used with traditional, navigated, or robotic total knee replacement surgeries. The pins can be used as a substitute to drill bits and smooth pins for improved accuracy and stability. Operativ Universal Pins can serve as a replacement for Stryker disposable products at a significantly reduced cost. 

  • THE DIFFERENCE The specialty design can accommodate all total knee replacement surgeries. 

  • SUPERIOR IMPLANT GRADE The Universal Pin is made from the highest implant grade quality of stainless steel – 316 L SS. 

  • FIVE YEAR STERILITY GUARANTEE The Universal pin is guaranteed for 5 years of sterility.  

  • BEST PRICE GUARANTEED  We offer the highest quality of sterile and non-sterile product at competitive pricing. 

  • OUR MISSION To ensure your buying experience is affordable, transparent, and provide excellent customer care. 
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