iKnee™ Universal Instrument Set

The iKnee™ Universal Instrument Set contains femoral and tibial instruments that are designed to be used for minimally invasive total knee replacement. 

Benefits for Outpatient Surgery Centers

  • Efficient instruments allow more cases per day 
  • Reduced cost of instruments sterilization 
  • Reduced implant cost if rep-less model 
  • Potentially improved outcomes with more accurate cuts, fewer complications from shorter OR time 

Benefits for OEMs

  • Attractive instrument offerings for outpatient centers 
  • Reduced instrument cost 
  • Potentially improved outcomes with more accurate cuts and fewer complications from shorter OR time 

Instrument Philosophy

  • Innovative - Both the tools and the methodology were invented to make surgery more precise, less invasive and more efficient
  • Independent - It works with any implant system
  • Intelligent - Surgeons can use this method to gap balance, gender-specific size, anterior or posterior reference and in a stepwise fashion transition to MIS surgical techniques and computer navigation
  • Intuitive - Our instruments can be incrementally and comfortably combined with and integrated into standard methods
  • Incisive - We include only what is needed to make the surgery complete

Overall Benefits of iKnee™ Universal Instrument Set

  • Gives you innovative new tools designed to be friendly to soft tissue, MIS and reduce trauma
  • It optimizes your time in the OR, eliminating unnecessary steps and making the entire process more efficient
  • It enables you to expand your implant offerings and offer your patient the implant that best meets their specific needs
  • It lets you incrementally adopt navigation techniques and allows you to use a variety of different implants without the learning curve associated with company-specific instruments
  • The Universal technique simplifies OR staff training and eliminates the need for implant representatives to be present at cases
  • It is efficient in the OR and uses fewer instruments, reducing sterilization costs
  • It is designed to improve outcomes, reduce complications and increase patient satisfaction

The OEM instrument sets were designed to sell their implants.  The iKnee™ Universal Instrument set is designed to improve the quality and efficiency of knee replacement surgery for surgeons and their patients. No matter whose implant you decide to use, the iKnee™ Universal Instrument set is a comprehensive, integrated solution that includes: 

  • An OR-proven surgical technique that can be used with any implant, with or without navigation 
  • Training and Certification by Operativ surgeons, either at our cadaver lab or on-site in your community 
  • Innovative, precision instruments designed to reduce trauma and for the practicalities of the operating room 
  • Consumer educational materials and a national consumer website

Increased Efficiencies

Reducing from 9 to 4 trays increases efficiency. The iKnee™ Universal Instrument set reduces the total number of trays needed in the OR. The reduction is a result of combining our instruments for the proximal Tibia and distal Femoral cuts into one tray. For these cuts, many OEMs often have 2 or more trays. 

Reducing the number of trays results in:

  • Ability to facilitate more cases/day 
  • Minimal inventory space consumption 
  • Reduce sterilization burden by 2-3 trays 
  • Improve sterile throughput/reduce risk of delays 
  • Reduce the number of trays and set-up time by the OR staff
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