State-of-the-Art Surgical Instruments for Outpatient Joint Replacement

About Operativ

Operativ began as a research laboratory founded by joint replacement specialists in 2005. The impetus was to develop and perfect advanced surgical methods with the goal of improving the patient and provider experience, reducing costs and improving efficiencies.  We sought to accomplish this through enhanced instrumentation, minimally invasive surgical (MIS) techniques and cadaver-based training and education.  To fill the needs for specialty instruments and disposables, Operativ began developing its own instruments and grew into a national training center.  By 2010, the company had trained more than 200 surgeons, and our products are now distributed across the United States.


  • Uphold the Gold Standard of total joint arthroplasty
  • Improve safety
  • Improve patient outcome
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve surgeon provider experience

Craig McAllister


Craig is the Manager and founder of Operativ. He has an extensive background in joint replacement surgery and the design and manufacturer of orthopedic instruments, with a focus on minimally invasive surgical devices and computer assisted surgery. He enjoys sports, the mountains, water and his family.


Jeff Stepanian

Director of Quality

Jeff has a B.S. in Biology from Pacific Lutheran University and graduated with Honors in Physician Assistant Studies from Quinnipiac University. He is a Board Certified P.A., is extensively published, and is recognized for his expertise in MIS and computer navigation surgical techniques and patient care. He has hands-on experience in hip and knee replacement surgery and is recognized for his work in cadaver-based surgeon education. He has helped train over 300 surgeons in the last 18 years in advanced surgical techniques. He is a founding father and Chief Operations Officer at Operativ, and a consultant for the SwiftPath Program. Away from work, Jeff loves spending time with his wonderful wife and two kids. They enjoy hiking in the mountains, mountain biking, skiing anywhere possible and family movie night.

Karen Gauger